Apple 突然發出 9/9 發表會邀請函!


剛剛Apple 突然發出 9/9 發表會的邀請函!也發現現在只要用英文的Siri說“Siri give me a hint”(Siri 給個提示) 就會自動出現 “You’ll have to wait until September 9. I bet you were one of those kids who snuck downstairs to open presents early, weren’t you?” (你需要等到 9/9。我賭你一定是那種偷偷溜到樓下想要提前打開禮物的小孩,對吧?),十分有趣!另外今年舉辦地點改為Bill Graham Civic Auditorium,比起以前的會場,Bill Graham Civic Auditorium顯得大一些!。究竟是iPhone 6s 還是 iPhone 7? iPad Air 3? iPad Pro?新的MacBook? 答案即將揭曉!


Apple-Special-Event-Sep-2015-Hey Siri by Clark

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